Pop Champagne

                  Correctly Opening a Bottle

                   of Champagne for Serving

You will need:

(1) one clean linen napkin and (2) one champagne flute per guest.

0231. To present the champagne to your guest(s): Place the base of the bottle in your non-dominant hand that is in an open palm-up position and using your dominant hand to grasp the neck of the bottle. Make sure the label faces the guest(s).

0322. Tear away the foil that is covering the cork at the perforation. Discard.

0393. Twist the wiring of the “cage” that is covering the cork counterclockwise until it is loose enough for you to remove it while using the thumb of the other hand to keep the cork in place. (DO NOT REMOVE CAGE AT THIS POINT)

0434. Next, hold the cork firmly in its position by gripping it between your index finger and your thumb as you remove the “cage” from the bottle to ensure the cork does not dislodge unexpectedly. Discard the cage.

0495. Drape a clean linen napkin over the top of the bottle, covering your hands as well.


0506. Point the bottle away from your guest(s). (This is very important for safety purposes!)

7. Tilt the bottle upward at a 45 degree angle. (Champagne should always be uncorked at a 45 degree angle.)

0548. Grip the body of the bottle firmly with your dominant hand and gain a firm hold on the cork with your non-dominant hand.

0579. With your dominant hand, slowly twist the bottle away from the cork. (Do not twist the cork!) You should feel the cork easing from the bottle.

06410. When the cork is successfully removed, you will hear a cuffed pop, and the champagne will begin to foam.

11. Begin pouring immediately, filling flute(s) half-way.

*ENJOY and Please Drink Responsibly*