Home Bar 101

16-well-stocked-bar-lgFor most people, entering a liquor store and leaving with one of every kind of spirit and liquor they offer is way too expensive.  However, having a full home bar on a low budget can be done.

The Tools

A shaker, a jigger, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew are some of the most important bar tools you can own.  Don’t forget the ice and the assortment of glasses!  Stores like WalMart carry bar tool sets for around $15, packs of 4 martini glasses for $10, and packs of 4 rocks glasses for $8.  Very inexpensive.

The Mixers

Seltzer water, cranberry juice, orange juice, coke, 7 Up, and pineapple juice are a few basic mixers that are always wonderful to have in stock.  Spending $25 on mixers is definitely worth it!  Remember, you can make a good amount of simple conversation drinks out of just one or two mixers and a liquor or spirit.

The Basics

Take a look at your five favorite cocktails.  What main ingredients do they have in common?  Make sure to stock up on them!  If vodka, tequila, gin, rum, and triple sec aren’t on the list, add them!  They don’t have to be top shelf to make an awesome drink, either.  You’re looking at about $100 in basic liquors and spirits.

Thus far, the grand total is $162.  Not bad for a well-stocked bar.

For those who are not yet satisfied:

The Popular Stuff

If you are entertaining, whiskey is good to have on hand, along with a red and a white wine.  Also, keep some beer in the fridge and purchase a coffee liqueur.

Taking it to the Next Step

When money allows, purchase a bottle of something new here and there.  You can experiment and widen you and your guests’ drink choices with just a couple of new liquors.


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