Party in the Stomach

Consuming too much alcohol of any kind is never a good idea, but some people claim that mixing beer and liquor, particularly in that order, can also be dangerous.“Beer before liquor never been sicker; liquor before beer, you’re in the clear,” the saying goes.

How the claim began is not quite clear, but many experts say that it may have began because of the differences in the way beer and liquor is digested by the body.Beer and wine—carbonated drinks—tend to irritate the stomach which may increase the rate of alcohol absorption.Adding liquor to the digestion afterward can lead to a quicker and more sever intoxication.

Most people do not drink a lot of beer after they’ve been drinking liquor, which could lead to a misconception.Beer-drinkers who move on to liquor at the end of the night become sick because the steady percentage of alcohol by volume consumed all of a sudden doubles or triples, putting them way over their body’s tolerated limit.Therefore, the body will just reject it.

As comedian Jim Breuer says, “Everybody out!”