Garnishes: They Make the Drink

A nice, dressed-up cocktail always seems to be enjoyed more than a drab-looking, naked glass.  It’s more appealing to the eye, subconsciously making the customer more excited about drinking the beverage.

Think about it.  Would a martini really be a martini without the olives?  How about a strawberry daiquiri without the added fresh strawberries?  No, not at all.

Without the addition of lemon twists, pineapple wedges, maraschino cherries, and celery stalks, mixed drinks just would not be complete.

There are also the inedible garnishes that add a particular wow-factor to a drink: paper cocktail umbrellas, colorful drinking straws, flowers, bead necklaces during Mardi Gras, and swizzle sticks.

Both edible and inedible garnishes compliment the actual drink.  They add character and style.